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Dear Friends, 


We would like to start our letter by thanking you so very much for your continuous support. In this edition, we could not be happier to bring a successful story to you. 



Lily came into the group when she was six months old.  She had a hard time getting adopted as she was a very shy kitty.  Last year, she turned eight and still no one showed any interest in taking this beauty home. Finally, a very nice couple saw Lily on the website and wanted to meet her and, even though she was very shy, they fell in love with her.  They took her home, slowly and patiently introduced her to all the new surroundings and her new kitty pals. Her adoption date was June 13, 2019, and by November 6, she had adjusted very well and finally found a home of her own. Lily is the oldest kitty ever adopted from West End Cat Rescue.   


The couple adopted Lily for her husband, so her safe room is in his office. As per her adopters: “This is perfect for both of them; it is what she needs and what he needs, as our previous calico used to hang out with him during the day there.”   “She lets you love on her and if we are sitting or lying down, she comes to give us lots of love and purrs.  She is such a sweetie pie.  She is still skittish if we get up or make any sudden movements.” 


“She does not have run of the whole house yet because when she hides, she hides.  She is like Houdini! I don’t want her getting into places that either she won’t come out of or we can’t get her out.  We are waiting patiently for her to trust us completely; she is making us work for it! 


“Lily is officially a part of the lazy gang!”  She is comfortable with her kitty pals.  “She is finally coming downstairs! We are so excited! She loves catnip cigars and she leaves a specific toy at our door every night/morning.” 


“Lily is incredibly playful! She often wakes us up with her playing.  She plays in the morning and in the evening flipping, tossing, and battling different toys around.  She is so darn cute and fun!” 


“It took time, but she has definitely come around.  She is an absolute love/cuddle bug.  When she isn’t looking for pets, she’s playing with all of her toys and watching the wildlife outside the window.  Adopting Lily (an older cat) was the absolute right decision for us.  You can see her gentleness, love, and gratitude every day.  Even if she is sometimes busy stalking and putting our bigger female cat in her place.  We love little Lily Bug!!” 


“She is happy, healthy, relaxed, and still extremely playful.  We have lots of large windows and lots of wildlife, so part of her morning routine is visiting the different windows to watch the birds, squirrels, and rabbits.  She also has been enjoying the different perches of the cat tree and sometimes goes in one of the little cubbies for a nap.” 

Lily pictures.jpg

Our goal is to find each kitty their forever home and it is heartwarming when we succeed. We would not be able to achieve this without your support. Please help us with more successful stories like Lily’s.

Our funds are very low and monetary donations are desperately needed!! 

Will you please consider making a donation today? Your life-saving donation is tax deductible. (SAFE is a 501c3 organization, EIN: 20-1631776) 

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Vicky Huband


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