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Dear Friends,


Spring brings us a feeling of joy, warmth, hope and renewal, as well as a time for reflection. As we evaluate the past year, we have a sense of accomplishment even going through the pandemic, and this is because of you! You helped us survive through a very difficult year, and for that, our heartfelt appreciation and Thank YOU for being there for the kitties!


As the team at SAFE/WECR re-energizes for the year ahead, we have two kitties in foster care and they are in need of costly veterinary procedures: our adorable BJ (Tortoiseshell) and sweet Casper (White).


These two kitties are very sweet and affectionate. Casper loves to snuggle, and BJ has a best friend named Darby. They have been adopted separately and returned to us as they were not able to adapt in their new homes. The stress unfortunately led to development of health issues. As you know, our commitment to care for our kitties is for life so we took them back, and now we are working to have these health issues resolved.

BJ and Casper.png

Casper was diagnosed with an eye issue and Stomatitis, so it is really painful for him to eat. He needs dental surgery as soon as possible. The initial estimate the doctor gave is one thousand dollars. In the case of BJ, she has skin issues where there are black specs all over her skin. The doctor initially thought it was a yeast infection; however, the medication has not worked so BJ will need to go through tests to figure out the cause and be properly medicated. We have already spent over seven hundred dollars with BJ and more will be needed for future testing.


We really need your support to help these two loving kitties recover their health and hopefully be able to find their forever homes.

Our funds are very low and monetary donations are desperately needed!! 

Will you please consider making a donation today? Your life-saving donation is tax deductible. (SAFE is a 501c3 organization, EIN: 20-1631776) 

Donations can be made through PayPal clicking on the button below:

We also accept checks payable to S.A.F.E. and mailed to: 



P.O. Box 29662 

Henrico, VA  23242 


Vicky Huband


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