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Dear Friends, 


Hope everyone is staying healthy and keeping a positive spirit throughout this pandemic! 


The team at SAFE/WECR has been working diligently to find wonderful homes for our rescued kitties even through this pandemic. We are following safety measures just as everyone else: washing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining social distance so potential adopters can still come and visit our kitties in their foster homes.  



Most adopters want to adopt fluffy, cute little kittens, and adult cats often stay on the sideline waiting for an opportunity to show how sweet, cute, and loving they are. Seniors and black kitties are the hardest to be adopted so we would like to introduce you to a very special kitty currently in our care. 


The handsome fella in the pictures is called Random. He was adopted 11 years ago from us and returned through no fault of his own. We completely understand life circumstances change, and we will happily re-home when necessary. As we stated in a previous letter, SAFE/WECR kitties will always have a place here with us.  


Random is an extremely sweet and affectionate kitty. When he sits next to you, you will notice he is a tall kitty with beautiful black coat, sporting a few charming gray furs on his chest making him look like a distinguished gentleman. He will follow you around and snuggle up to sleep, and who can resist a kitty that only has eyes for you? Impossible not to love him with so much love he has to offer. Since he had been the only pet in the house for 11 years, we think the best environment for him would be a quiet and calm home where he can have his love reciprocated.  

He is not a big fan of closed doors as he prefers to stay close to you. Sometimes he will open a cabinet door here and there so he can see what is in it, which can be easily remediated with an elastic band on the knobs. Back in 2014, he had Feline Crystalluria which is crystals in his urine, but with the right food and plenty of fresh water, he has been healthy since with no re-occurrence.  


Random is a special kitty and he is in search for a new loving family. If you know anyone who is looking for a new best friend, please let them know about Random.    


Please help us continue our work helping special kitties like Random!!! 

Our funds are very low and monetary donations are desperately needed!! 

Will you please consider making a donation today? Your life-saving donation is tax deductible. (SAFE is a 501c3 organization, EIN: 20-1631776) 

Donations can be made through PayPal clicking on the button below:

We also accept checks payable to S.A.F.E. and mailed to: 



P.O. Box 29662 

Henrico, VA  23242 


Vicky Huband


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